Research Initiation Internship – STARE

If you work in research, healthcare, or business and development, this innovative training opportunity may be for you!

The Brain to Market Summer School is an annual, week-long international programme that involves researchers, clinicians, executives, designers, and engineers who want to learn more about the business side of science to solve some of today’s most critical brain health challenges. The programme combines translational neuroscience and entrepreneurship training in a boot-camp format.

Every year the programme is focused on a specific brain disease. Students participate in specialised conferences and group work to deliver a presentation on a new innovation for the treatment and care of the featured disease. Since 2018, the Summer School is now followed by a prototyping hackathon organized by the iPEPS team.

The 2019 session will be focused on neurorehabilitation. Register here. 

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Masterclass The neuroscience of creativity

Masterclass The neuroscience of creativity

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