MasterClass – Tips for building a complete Patient Journey

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This MasterClass will be held in French 🇫🇷




  • This MasterClass is aimed at any startup at different levels of maturity: From the young startup wishing to validate its knowledge of the target before launching its MVP, but also to the more mature startup launching a new MVP and wishing to validate its knowledge and verify that there has been no oversight in the need for the solution. This can also concern startups seeking funding, and the Patient Journey can be a tool/support to show the startup's knowledge of its target/market/and explain why their solution meets a specific need or needs.
  • This workshop will allow those who are not familiar with the term to understand what a Patient Journey is, why it is important to do it and not just a bonus, and to explain the key steps to achieving a Patient Journey, there will be, depending on the number of startups, a workshop to work on the Patient Journey of one of the startups present or one of the steps in any case.


  • Without this workshop, there is a risk of
    • Wasting time by forgetting elements and realising this too late at the time of development
    • Not having all the elements in front of potential investors/clients and lacking knowledge of the real need (thinking techno before need for example)


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What you will learn


Startups will be able to build a Patient Journey that will enable them to

  • Identify gaps in the patient experience and better understand patient needs and the overall process
  • Gain insight into interactions, emotions and barriers for the patient and other participants in the process
  • Create a systematic overview

A seamless customer experience is fast becoming one of the key success factors for businesses today.


Content of the training


  • Introduction to the Patient Journey
  • Main steps in building a Patient Journey
  • Best practices
  • Use cases with a specific problem
  • Summary and templates


Teaching team


Sarah BENESSIANO - Operational manager of the Living Lab





  • The presentation with annexes at the end of the workshop