MasterClass “Preparing a competitive ERC application”

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The date for participation in the synchronous part (live exchange with researchers) of the masterclass has passed. But you can still register via this page to get the virtual resources (videos and documents)


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ERC grants are highly competitive grants intended to support excellent scientists who wish to develop an excellent research program. This Masterclass offers several activities to provide a clear understanding of the application process (evaluation steps, components of the application), panel’s and reviewer’s expectations (evaluation criteria, Q&A with panel members) and will help participants prepare a strong application thanks to unique recommendations and practice exercise based on successful grants.

This Masterclass is targeted to all beginning and experienced researchers of the ICM, who wish to apply to the Starting and Consolidator ERC grants, in a short- or long-term perspective.


Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge about application evaluation process and criteria
  • Knowledge and tips about the components of a competitive ERC proposal
  • Experience in building an impactful abstract
  • Practice in presenting a strong CV and track record


Learning content

1) B1 and B2 “Template with ICM Guidelines” documents,

Available after your registration through our training platform Digiforma, provide detailed writing recommendation and structure guidelines directly integrated in B1 and B2 templates.

2) 5 video Tutorials,

Available after your registration through our training platform Digiforma, provide key information and tips on ERC essentials.

  • Video 1 : Building a strong profile in the CV and Track record
  • Video 2 : ERC expectations in 10 important questions on your project idea
  • Video 3 : ERC evaluation procedure
  • Video 4 : ERC evaluation criteria
  • Video 5 : Extra-project information to prepare for the submission (keywords, ethic self-assessment, budget, etc)
  • Bonus : A dedicated Q&A is open for any questions you might have on the ERC
3) Workshop in writing a competitive ERC proposal,

Organized on the 14th of January from 9:30 to 11:30 on Teams, will provide you important insights to write a competitive proposal that meets ERC expectations. After defining the logical components of an ERC proposal, we will focus on good practice to build a strong abstract, and on key steps and tips for writing and structuring B1 and B2. Finally, we will highlight how to build a strong CV, based on past and current examples.

We ask you to provide your CV and draft of abstract before the training for the general feedback during the class to (Reminder: CV 2 pages + Track record 2 pages + Abstract 2000 characters including spacing [Deadline Wednesday 13 January]


4) Meet with the ERC pannels!

On the 14th of January from 15:30 to 16:30 on Teams, will be a unique opportunity to discuss with LS5 panel members, and ask your questions during the Q&A.

5) Podcast Interviews with ICM successful awardees,

Available after your registration through our training platform Digiforma, where PIs share their personal tips and experience on the ERC proposal preparation.


Organizing team

Géraldine Gouzer & Alexandra Chukas - ICM Grants Office



B1 Template with ICM Guidelines

B2 Template with ICM Guidelines