MasterClass “Preparing a competitive ERC proposal”

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Registration deadline: 15/11/2021



ERC (European Research Council) grants are highly competitive grants to support excellent scientists who wish to develop an excellent research programme. This Masterclass offers several activities to provide a clear understanding of the application process (evaluation steps, components of the application), panel’s and reviewer’s expectations (evaluation criteria, Q&A with a panel member) and will help participants prepare a strong application thanks to unique recommendations, personalised feedback and practical exercises based on successful grants.

This Masterclass is targeted to all junior and experienced researchers of the ICM, who wish to apply to the Starting and Consolidator ERC grants, prioirity being given to candidates planning to apply in 2022 or 2023.


Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge about application evaluation process and criteria
  • Knowledge and tips about the components of a competitive ERC proposal
  • Experience in building an impactful abstract
  • Practice in presenting a strong CV and track record


Learning content

E-learning materials to be consulted before the training : video tutorials + interviews with laureats

The e-learning materials will will be made available to you via the Digiforma platform upon registration.

The video tutorials will provide you with the main features of an ERC application and provide tips to make you familiar with ERC key points before the workshop.

  • Video 1 : Building a strong profile in the CV and Track record
  • Video 2 : ERC expectations in 10 important questions on your project idea
  • Video 3 : ERC evaluation procedure

In the interviews, the ERC laureats will share their personal tips and experience for the preparation of ERC proposals.

  • Interview of Claire Wyart (StG and CoG laureate)
  • Interview of Fabrizio de Vico Fallani (CoG)


Annotated templates of Parts B1 et B2

These templates annotated by ICM based on lessons learned from past proposals provide more detailed tips for drafting and structuring parts B1 and B2.


Planning Two half-day workshop

Day 1 (room 04) : Project design

On Tuesday 16 November from 9:00 to 11:30 in meeting room 04, you will discover the main ERC expectancies and evaluation procedure and exchange with ERC panel member Professor Alexis Brice.


Day 2 (room 03) : Proposal writing

On Wednesday 17 November from 14:00 to 17:30 in meeting room 03, we will focus on writing a competitive proposal responding to ERC expectancies, including a workshop on abstract preparation, a focus on recommendations for writing and structuring Parts B1 and B2, and a second workshop on drafting a strong CV and track record based on concrete examples. Regular Q+A sessions will allow you to ask questions.

To take full advantage of the workshops, we encourage you to bring a draft of your project’s abstract and of your CV to work on during the session. (Reminder: CV 2 pages + Track record 2 pages + Abstract 2000 characters including spacing)


Organizing team

Julia Tepel + Géraldine Gouzer – ICM Grants Office (



  • 3 tutoriels vidéos
  • 2 interviews