iMIND : international Master In Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Interested in Neurosciences and neurodegenerative diseases?


The application campaign for the Master 2 iMIND - International Master in Neurodegenerative Diseases, will take place from March 29th to June 1st 2022! 

This international master's degree dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases is an international and interdisciplinary training course, allowing students to design an individualized study program through course modules and research projects involving all national and international partners. 

iMIND brings together researchers from the Paris Brain Institute, as well as other neuroscience institutes associated with Sorbonne University, such as the Neuroscience Paris Seine Institute or the Institut de la Vision, in order to offer courses aimed at immersing students in current and innovative research themes on brain function and dysfunction. 

The Paris Brain Institute and Sorbonne University work in close collaboration to promote French excellence in the teaching of neuroscience and nervous system diseases. This is why the Paris Brain Institute will offer again this year up to 4 scholarships of 600€/month (after selection) during the first semester for international students wishing interested in iMIND program. 


This year, the Paris Brain Institute will offer up to 4 scholarships (600€/month during the first semester) for international students interested in iMIND (upon selection)


Details regarding iMIND can be found in the following link: neurodegenerative-diseases.html

Information regarding the application process is detailed here: