Brain to Market Summer School 2021

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What is Brain to Market ?


The Brain to Market summer school is an annual programme combining neuroscience and entrepreneurship, with an international dimension. Each year the scientific theme is defined according to current events or needs expressed by experts.

During one week, 50 international participants with a scientific business profile, managers, engineers, designers and developers will first follow a series of conferences given by experts in entrepreneurship, scientific and clinical fields. In a second step, the participants will work in groups to define a project to be defended in front of a jury of experts and investors.

Together, they will take the different innovative concepts and bring them to life through business models and functional prototypes.


What is this year's theme ?


This year's theme is Adult Psychiatry with a focus on stress and addiction.

The trigger of an emotion, its perception and management vary according to the individual. In some cases, the expression of stress is so strong that it becomes pathological.

One might then ask whether and how stress and addiction are linked? Which forms of stress can lead to addiction? How do we know when the situation is pathological and how can we deal with individuals in this case?

This subject raises many questions and is all the more topical at the moment with the pandemic. If you want to join us and experience what it takes to innovate and make a real difference to patients; research and development; and healthcare systems, then register now.

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What you will learn


  • To apply knowledge on the scientific basis of a pathology, its current stakes in order to found a tech startup.
  • Apply theories and methods on entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation to a concrete case proposed by the Living Lab of the Brain Institute. (
  • Linking knowledge and skills from several fields (scientific and business) to create a viable business plan around a defined problem.
  • Collaborate within a multidisciplinary and international group.
  • Support and argue a project orally before a jury of experts and investors.


Content of the training


I. Conference on the description of pathology


Topics covered :

  • Definition of the pathology
  • Therapeutic aspects of the disease
  • Current challenges in the field of pathology
  • Example of project and innovation around the disease


II. Conference and group workshops on the business aspect


Topics covered :

  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • What is innovation?
  • Why is the customer important for the organisation?
  • What is customer value?
  • Pitfalls that can lead to business failure
  • Ethical and regulatory issues
  • Health economics


III. Group work on a business problem around the disease


  • Follow-up by expert tutoring for the creation of a business plan and the elaboration of an impactful presentation before a jury.


IV. Pitch to a jury of experts


  • 10min presentation (Problem and issues; Insights and inspirations; Concept; Use; Implementation / Roadmap for the project; Conclusion)
  • Questions from the jury



Teaching team

Research and higher education:


  • Renowned researchers and medical staff of the Brain Institute.
  • Lecturer-researchers from Sorbonne University
  • Lecturer-researchers specialised in entrepreneurship and marketing from the Collège des Ingénieurs (


Clinical and patient :


  • Patient association
  • Staff of the Assistance Publique Hôpital de Paris (APHP/Paris region hospital group)


Company :


·         Stakeholders from various partners : (Pharmaceutical industry, startups, venture capitalists)

·         Stakeholder from iPEPS (Brain Institute business incubator) (



  • Projected training support documents.
  • Lectures on the medical and business aspects
  • Lectures on the study of concrete cases
  • On-line provision of support documents following the training.


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