Open Brain School lancement

The concept..

We live in a revolutionary time when neuroscience is about to help us understand how the brain works, puzzles like where do ideas and creativity come from? What is thought? What makes some of us susceptible to neurological diseases? Today, we are beginning to be able to answer some of these questions. Almost every aspect of our daily lives is directly related to neuroscience. Whether it’s a business leader trying to understand how to manage the professional development of their employees or a psychologist trying to help their patient overcome overwhelming fatigue, these problems are closely linked to neurological processes. So what if we opened up education in neuroscience to people outside the field? The Paris Brain Institute’s ambition is to train the next generation of researchers to disseminate knowledge in neuroscience beyond the laboratory.


The Paris Brain Insititute and the education

The Paris Brain Institute has the infrastructure and expertise to integrate neuroscience into everyday life through new forms of education.

The Paris Brain Institute has launched 12 innovative and international teaching programmes, notably in collaboration with Sorbonne University: a new Master’s programme focusing on neurodegenerative diseases, the teaching of neurology to medical students using mime, a training course on creativity or a summer school to train the neuro-entrepreneurs of tomorrow, etc.

The long-term objective of the Paris Brain Institute is to contribute to the formation of “neuro-citizens”, to open up neuroscience to people from different backgrounds interested in learning more about the brain and its role in our identity and behaviour.


The 4 pilars of Open Brain School :

  1. To educate on the challenges and complex issues of neuroscience and its diseases
  2. Create exchanges between research and care through education
  3. To raise awareness of the value of neuroscience education and to contribute to the improvement of professional / non-technical skills.
  4. Apply new teaching methodologies for neuroscience and its diseases



The Open Brain School Ambitions :

Brain to Market 7th edition – Registration open !

Brain to Market 7th edition – Registration open !

For one week, 50 international graduate students, business people, managers, engineers, designers and developers will follow a series of lectures given by experts in entrepreneurship and pathology. Together they will take the various innovative concepts and bring them...