France Brain Bee 2021 winner selected !

Forty-three students from several cities in France participated in the 2021 France Brain Bee, a national neuroscience competition where students are tested on their knowledge of the brain. Alexis VITALIS finished in 1st place, while Soham KHISTY and Agasthya KAMATH came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Alexis VITALIS was a student at Lycée Albert Londres while Soham KHISTY and Agasthya KAMATH were both students at ICS PARIS.

Alexis VITALIS will now follow an accompaniment from the Brain Institute in order to prepare herself for the International Brain Bee competition which will take place online this year.

Some reactions of the day!

The word of the organisers...

The online competition went very well overall and the various events went off perfectly and on time. On the Jeopardy event we managed to reproduce the atmosphere of the in-person competition and the tension was palpable on the faces of some participants. “The organisers of the competition at the Institut du Cerveau

And participants..

J.L : Thank you very much for organising this competition and giving us this opportunity! !! Congratulations to the winners.

A.K : It was a great experience, even through the zoom. There was a lot of interaction and I loved it. Once again, congratulations to all the participants and winners..

Description of the podium in a few sentences !

1st Alexis VITALIS

My name’s Alexis, I’m 17, and I live in Cusset, a small town located in the middle of France (yeah, French countryside…). I am a 12th grader at Lycée Albert Londres, and next year I’d love to study medicine in Clermont-Ferrand, with the hope of working one day in forensic medicine (I know, not very joyful but… Blame it on my curiosity for the human body !). By the way, this is why I joined the Brain Bee competition ! I wanted to test my knowledge in neurology, as it is a branch of medical studies, and see how I could pull this off by myself ! Aside from my love for medical sciences, and sciences in general, I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my friends (not very original, sorry), dancing, or even creating artistic projects of all kinds. 

Once again, congratulations to all the participants, we all did amazing and it was simply fantastic experiencing this with you ! 

2nd Soham KHISTY

My name is Soham Khisty, I’m 14 years old in grade 9 studying at ICS Paris. I took part in this competition to expand my knowledge of the human brain and out of curiosity. I found the patient diagnosis section as well as neuroanatomy to be the most interesting part of the whole competition, as they gave participants the opportunity to be in the shoes of an actual neurologist. Overall, it was a great & enhancing experience, not to mention all the knowledge I gained

3rd Agasthya Kmath

My name is Agasthya Kamath and I am 13 years old studying in Grade 9 at ICS Paris. When I first moved to Paris in 2018, I wanted to be a mathematician. However at my current school, I fell in love with biology and chemistry. During the pandemic, I began to look at online courses in relation to biochemistry & became fascinated by the cellular processes that occur within a cell for simple functions. Coming third on a national scale is a huge achievement for me and my family and I believe it is the stepping stone of my career into the field of Neurobiochemistry.

TOP 10 participants

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