The Open Brain School

ICM offers a wide range of training and education programs for “neuro-experts” and “neuro-curious”.

For the Researchers

Our training programmes for researchers take advantage of the rapid evolution of research in neuroscience and our ability to understand the brain.

For the Paramedic

Our programs for clinicians and paramedics aim to bring the research and care communities closer
together to accelerate the emergence of new solutions.

For the students

We foster the development of the next generation of neuroscientists and expert
clinicians through our early-stage  education programmes.

For all

ICM proposes neuroscience-based training in soft skills for all who are “neuro-curious”.

News & Events

Open Brain School training programs

Open Brain School in few figures

Since 2014, ICM’s training programs have brought together an international group of over 1500 participants.

More than



Participants since 2014
Participants from over